Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fish Diseases

What to do in Case of Illness

  • Remove fish from aquarium.
  • Observe fish and take notes on its behaveor so that you can give the pet store dealer a detailed discription of its symptems.
  • take fish to pet store and ask for advise on bying medicine for your fish.
  • before putting fish back in the aquarium cange one-third of the water in the tank and clean the filter.

Common Diseases

Fin rot

velvet disease

hole disease

white spot disease (ich)

White Spot Disease

About a month after starting my new 25 gallon aquarium I noticed that 2 of my clown loaches had ich. Scaleless bottom dwellers like loaches will usauly be the fist to show signs of disease. The next day I went to the pet store to buy some medicine for my fish. I gave my fish there medicine once a day but the medicine was not helping and I noticed that both of my bala sharks had gotten ich to. I also noticed that one of them had a bactierial infection witch is a secondary disease that happens to weakend fish. A week later both my bala sharks had died and both of my clown loaches died. Now that all the diseased fish were gone my aquarium was back to normal. I was lucky that only four of my fish got infected. If any of your fish get ich be prepared for them to die.

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