Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Boeseman Rainbow Fish

The Boeseman Rainbow Fish is a great fish to have in a community tank with others of the same species. When young they have a silvery gray collor but once they mature they get an unforgetable yellow coller in the back side of them. Here are some ways to improve the Rainbow fishe's coller.
  • Keeping tank clean and doing freakwent water changes
  • feeding it the right food
  • keep in a tank with other rainbow fish

Feeding: Feed bloodworms, flakes, or brine shrimp for best coller.

Temperature: Any where from 72 to 80 degrees.
Breeding: Have a separate breeding tank ready. Put 2 adualts in aquarium and feed plenty of food. Once the female lays the eggs leave both fish in tank until the eggs are about to hatch than remove both fish from breeding tank and put them back in your other aquarium.

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